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Rubio Tweet About Dead Lion Strongly Undermines Rubio Reputation for Being Articulate

Marco Rubio in Ames, Iowa on July 18.

Scott Olson/Getty

A lot of people on both sides of the political divide have been saying today that as a society we’re expending too much emotional energy condemning a man for shooting a lion relative to the energy that we should be putting toward solving [insert larger-scale human problem here]. I’m not here to argue about whether that’s true. I’m here to point out that Marco Rubio may need to attend remedial classes at the Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want To Do Other Stuff Good Too because his tweet on this subject was a real mess.

Let’s set aside the fact that the lion/Planned Parenthood controversy comparison was made so many times online that Salon already had an article up about it two hours before Rubio sent his tweet. Let’s just look at the words he used.

2) This is a question. It should end with a question mark.

3) “Look at X, but …” isn’t a construction that makes sense. The words “look at” are unnecessary in this sentence.

And we’re talking here about someone who’s described as “articulate” so often that his legal name might as well be Articulate Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

C’mon, Marco Rubio or Marco Rubio’s Twitter ghostwriter!