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Hacked Confederate Facebook Group Becomes Tribute to LGBT Rights, Obama, Judaism

A new identity for supporters of Confederate pride.

Screen shot/Twitter

Virgil Texas is a Brooklyn-based professional funny person who, on Monday, announced that he’d joined a private “Confederate Pride” Facebook group that had left some of its settings unlocked. He then appears to have surreptitiously changed its header picture a few times as a ruse before convincing the group’s administrators to give him the authority to change all its settings in order to “clean out all the trolls” who had been changing the header. (Ingenious!)

Then he changed the Confederate pride group into the “LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama and Judaism” group.

Original members were not amused.

Other hijinks were perpetrated.

Mr. Texas reports that he’s been kicked out of the group, but not quickly enough to prevent him from adding 50 other pranksters, who are also wreaking havoc, as administrators.

Reading his entire recent Twitter timeline is highly recommended.