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A Badger in Poland Drank Too Much Beer

Artist’s rendering.

Photo illustration by Lisa Larson-Walker. Photos by Shutterstock.

Important news via AFP about a female badger named Wandzia who drank too much beer at the beach and is now recovering in a Polish animal shelter:

“We found Wandzia drunk, surrounded by seven [empty beer] bottles. There were two more in the bushes, so it’s possible Wandzia began partying there. Haha.”

The badger is believed to have stolen the booze from fellow beachgoers, before removing the beer caps with her teeth.

The black and white omnivore was unconscious for two days, the shelter’s manager, Marzena Bialowolska, told AFP, adding that the badger had partially recovered but was still unable to sit up.

The badger is recovering by sleeping, drinking water, and eating meat, the shelter says, which is the right way to recover from drinking too much beer.

Once the badger is fully functional again, it is expected to be flown to Wisconsin aboard a chartered jet and greeted as a god.