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World Chuckles as FIFA President Posts Picture of Self “Working Hard on Reforms”

Also working hard on reforms.

Amid the indictment of a number of his associates, the implication of his second-in-command in a $10 million bribery scheme, and reports that he himself is the target of U.S. Department of Justice investigators, FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced this week that he is resigning. The news was celebrated around the globe as an essential step in reforming the administration of Earth’s most popular sport. Blatter also announced that he would remain in office for at least four months and begin the reform process himself, a statement that was met with considerable skepticism and derision.

Blatter is sticking by his word, though:

See? He’s got a desk and a pen and stuff!

It brings to mind the mirthfully received image that British prime minister David Cameron distributed of himself looking very serious on a phone call with President Obama in March: 

If they joined forces, just imagine what could be accomplished.

“OK, we’ll put it on the actionables list and circle back next week to touch base.” “What does ‘touch base’ mean? We’re both European.”

Photo illustration by Slate. Promotional photos via Twitter.

Superfriends! Finally, here’s a picture of a dog using a telephone.