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Rachel Dolezal’s Dispute With Her Parents Involves Child Molestation Allegations

Rachel Dolezal’s mother and father during a June 15 Today show appearance.

Screen shot/NBC

“Black” Washington activist Rachel Dolezal’s credibility has been questioned by a number of  people and institutions. But her life is the subject of national scrutiny in large part because her parents, Ruthanne and Lawrence, criticized her publicly in a Seattle Times article, and recent reports suggest that conflicts inside the Dolezal family also involve allegations of child sexual abuse made against Dolezal’s brother Joshua by an adopted female sibling. Rachel Dolezal reportedly supports the alleged victim’s account. From People:

A trial is set for August in a case against Dolezal’s brother Joshua who is accused of sexually abusing a female sibling in 2001 or 2002 when the child was six or seven years old, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE …

During a series of interviews, the alleged victim, now 20, told detectives that Joshua, who is 19 years older, made the victim undress in front of him and forced the victim to perform oral sex on him.

A different Dolezal sibling, Ezra Dolezal, told People that Rachel supports the alleged victim because she is upset that Joshua Dolezal did not support her (Rachel’s) efforts to adopt Izaiah Dolezal. Izaiah Dolezal is another adopted child of Ruthanne and Lawrence’s who is now Rachel Dolezal’s adopted son. Rachel Dolezal has been estranged from her parents since approximately 2004, the New York Daily News reports.

Ezra, Ruthanne, and Lawrence Dolezal say the charges against Joshua Dolezal are bogus. Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal also deny that they “outed” Rachel Dolezal’s racial background, so to speak, because of her support for the alleged victim.