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Female Prison Employee Reportedly Gave Escapees Hacksaws, Other Tools

Law enforcement officials at a roadblock near Dannemora, New York in the area of the Clinton Correctional Facility.

Chris Wattie/Reuters

As the search for convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat continues near the upstate New York prison from which they escaped sometime before the morning of June 6, CNN reports that a female prison employee named Joyce Mitchell provided hacksaws and other tools used in the breakout. (Mitchell is suspected of having been involved in a romantic relationship with Matt.)

Hacksaw blades were among the items Mitchell gave to the convicts, two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN. She also gave Matt two pairs of eyeglasses with lights affixed to them as well as drill bits, one of the sources said. They were purchased over the past few months.

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie confirmed that Mitchell is believed to have provided some material support to Matt and Sweat. He also said that while Mitchell may be prosecuted, she has cooperated with authorities’ investigation and did not provide the power tools the pair used in their escape.