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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Loses Money on Minor League Football Team That Hasn’t Played Since 2012

Sacramento goes for the score in a UFL game from 2010.

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Politico has a piece Monday about financial disclosure forms filed by members of Congress, and it’s pretty perfunctory except for one excellent fact: Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul lost “between $100,000 and $1 million” last year on a minor league football team called the Sacramento Mountain Lions that hasn’t played a game since 2012.

Let’s explore the history of the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

The “Fightin’ Lions,” as their fans (possibly) called them, were members of the United Football League, a five-team operation that held games for three and a half seasons between 2009 and 2012. The last half-season was cancelled on Oct. 20, 2012, when the league ran out of money. Pelosi’s late-breaking losses may (or may not) be related to a lawsuit filed against him by former NFL head coach Dennis Green, who helmed the Mountain Lions for the team’s first three seasons; in February 2014 an arbitrator ruled that Pelosi and a partner owed Green $990,000.

Former star NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper played for the Mountain Lions in 2010. The team finished its tenure in the league with a combined record of 8–14.

Per the congressional disclosure forms, Nancy Pelosi has a net worth of at least $29.3 milion, so her family will probably be able to weather this Mountain Lion-induced financial storm.

Let’s go Fightin’ Lions!