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Mother Jones Writes Year’s Best Headline for Article About Jeb Bush Nigeria Business Deals

General Ibrahim Babangida, who led Nigeria’s dictatorship during the period Jeb Bush did business in the country, in 1986.

Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty

The liberal troublemakers over at Mother Jones posted an investigation of Jeb Bush’s 1980s-era achievements in Nigerian crony capitalism on Thursday. The takeaway is that Jeb played up the fact that he was George H.W. Bush’s son to help a Florida company called MWI put together U.S.-subsidized business deals in Nigeria—deals that a federal civil jury later found to have involved the defrauding of the (American) government. (The company is appealing, and Jeb Bush was never specifically accused of malfeasance.)

You are verily encouraged to read the whole piece here and to consider its implications for Jeb’s potential presidential stewardship of the American economy, but my goal in bringing it up is mainly to laud MoJo for winning the Pulitzer Prize Academy Award Headline of the Year Oscar Trophy* for the piece’s perfect title.

Screen shot/Mother Jones

Yep. Nailed it.

*Not a real award.