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Wife of Israeli Minister Apologizes After Racist Tweet About Obama Causes Uproar

Judy Nir Mozes Shalom is seen in a 2005 photograph.

Wikimedia Commons

The wife of a top Israeli official took to Twitter to tell a racist joke about President Obama. “Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak,” Judy Nir Mozes Shalom, a TV show host and the wife of Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom, tweeted on Sunday.

It didn’t take long for Mozes to delete the tweet and apologize, after she was roundly criticized. “I apologize, that was a stupid joke somebody told me,” she wrote.

She then wrote a more direct apology: “President Obama I shouldnt have written the inappropriate joke I heard. I like people no matter about their race and religion.” Mozes later wrote in Hebrew that the “scariest” response she received came from her husband, saying that she hoped the whole issue wouldn’t end in divorce, reports Haaretz.

This is not the first time Mozes has gotten in trouble for writing inappropriate things on Twitter, notes Vox. “I hope that today they decide to destroy Gaza if they don’t stop shooting. Let them suffer as well,” she wrote in March 2012 when rocket fire was coming from Gaza. Later, when her husband’s Twitter account was taken over by pro-Hamas hackers she wrote: “The murderers have taken over Silvan’s Facebook, Twitter and email. Our son Nimrod is trying to salvage. I wish they would die!”