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Jack Warner Takes to the Airwaves (Again), This Time to Respond to John Oliver

All purpose soccer villain, former FIFA vice president Jack Warner appears to be handling his own publicity in the wake of the FIFA meltdown. The Trinidad and Tobago native is a central figure in the investigation and has been accused of everything short of actually being Sepp Blatter. 

Warner, for his part, has not taken the charges quietly—which is, presumably, what a lawyer would advise. Instead, the former FIFA executive has taken to the airwaves, like a modern day Ross Perot, to make his case—for himself. To everyone else. It hasn’t gone well. On Thursday, Warner released a new video (above) responding to none other than Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver. The video came in response to America’s televised conscience (Oliver) needling of Warner. Oliver bought up time on a local public access station earlier this week to (mockingly) encourage Warner to spill the beans about what he knows about the potential misdealings within FIFA.

“How a local TV station, a national TV station, could allow a foreigner, mostly an American foreigner, to come into this country to embarrass its citizens, to embarrass our people, to be critical of the way we speak, to be critical of the way we look, to be critical of our culture,” Warner said in the video uploaded to Youtube. “I don’t need any advice from any comedian fool who doesn’t know anything about this country. To tell me what file to release or not to release. That is not his business. I take no instructions from him. And worse yet, I won’t take any instructions from an American at this point in time.”

Warner kicked things off last month with a rant against the U.S. investigation—citing an Onion article.