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This Motorcade of Confederate Flag-Waving Drivers Will Make You Cry, Laugh

If you find unabashed displays of ignorance and insensitivity to be infuriating, or even sad, then the first 65 seconds of this video of a motorcade of Confederate flag-waving cars in Georgia might bother you. But if you like sweet karmic justice, then watch the entire thing.

Reddit surfaced the video of the protest, which some of its users say took place Saturday in Dalton, Georgia. It’s possible that the motorcade was part of a protest that took place at Fort Oglethorpe military park, which is a 30-minute drive from Dalton. That protest was in response to Confederate flags being removed from gift shops at the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, which includes Fort Oglethorpe. The group of protesters told a local ABC affiliate that they would be protesting there every Saturday for the foreseeable future. The protesters proudly proclaimed that the flag represented “heritage not hate,” which ignores both the history of the flag and its specific use by the white supremacist who allegedly murdered nine people at a historically black church in Charleston earlier this month.

While shoving that banner in the faces of their neighbors so soon after the shooting is not a laughing matter, two bozos crashing into each other while demonstrating their insensitivity sure is.