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Feds Say 11 Bogus Monday Airline Threats May All Have Been Phoned In by Same Jerk

JFK Airport in New York City on Monday.

Trevor Collens/AFP/Getty

A great deal of inconvenience (not to mention anxiety) was suffered by air travelers on Monday as at least eleven different international commercial flights were the subject of phoned-in threats that appear—given that all the planes involved landed safely and were subjected to searches that found no evidence of explosives—to have been hoaxes. F-15 jets were scrambled to escort an AirFrance flight into New York’s JFK airport; flights in Newark, Buffalo, Atlanta, and various international destinations were also affected.

And it all might have been the work of a single idiot. From Reuters:

Officials said they believed all of the threats were phoned in to local police departments by the same individual, but added the caller’s identity and motive were not yet known.

This is speculative, but I think this individual’s motivation was “I’m a jerk and I’ve been one my entire life.”