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NBA Player With Broken Fibula Says He Was Injured by NYPD

Thabo Sefolosha and an NYPD officer on April 8.

Andrew Kelly/Reuters

NBA guard Thabo Sefolosha, who reportedly sustained a fractured fibula while being arrested early on the morning of April 8 for allegedly interfering with New York City police officers at the scene of a stabbing, said in a statement Tuesday that he is in “great pain” because of “a significant injury” and that “the injury was caused by the police.”

Sefolosha, 30, is a trilingual Switzerland native whose parents are artists; he plays for the Atlanta Hawks. He and a teammate were arrested shortly after another NBA player, Chris Copeland, was stabbed outside a New York nightclub. (Copeland is recovering.) All three players were in the city for games against New York-based teams.

A video obtained by TMZ appears to show an NYPD officer wielding a baton near Sefolosha, though it’s not clear if Sefolosha is struck with it. The National Basketball Players Association, Sefolosha’s union, has said it is investigating the incident.