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South Carolina Police Dash Cam Footage Shows The Routine Traffic Stop That Turned Fatal

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division released the dash cam video of the routine police stop that ended in officer Michael Slager shooting and killing Walter Scott while he was running away unarmed. The several minute video shows Slager pulling over Scott, who is driving a Mercedes with a passenger in the front seat, and then approaching the driver’s-side window.

Slager says he pulled the car over because of a broken taillight. After a brief discussion about whether Scott had insurance for the car and the vehicle’s registration (he appears to have had neither), Slager returns to the police car presumably to run a check on Scott’s license. Scott then took off running and Slager followed on foot, out of range of the camera. The passenger stayed in the front seat. Shortly after, Feidin Santana captured Slager shooting Scott in the back.

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