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NFL Has Reportedly Hired First Full-Time Female Official

Sarah Thomas.

Screen shot/NFL

A Baltimore Sun reporter says the NFL has hired a college football official named Sarah Thomas, who would become the first woman to work as an official full-time in the pro league. (Shannon Eastin worked as a replacement official during a 2012 labor dispute between officials and the league.)

Thomas is a Mississippi native and former college basketball player who’s worked as an official in college football’s Conference USA since 2007. She’s already the first woman to have officiated a Division I-A (now called FBS) college football game, the first to have officiated a bowl game (the illustrious 2009 Little Caesar’s Bowl), and, it’s only fair to assume, the first woman to have her soul replaced with human or dog excrement.

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REFEREE JOKES ASIDE, folks, hopefully the reception Thomas gets in the NFL will be less socially abhorrent than the reception NBC’s College Football Talk blog gave her in 2009:

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