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Long-Sought Alleged American al-Qaida Operative Pops Up in Brooklyn Court

United States marshals outside the federal courthouse in Brooklyn on Thursday.

Victor J. Blue/Getty

A Texas-born American citizen who grew up in the Middle East and is thought to have joined al-Qaida after leaving the University of Manitoba eight years ago has been captured in Pakistan and surreptitiousy brought to Brooklyn, where he was arraigned Thursday on charges of conspiring to attack U.S. military personnel.

Muhanad Mahmoud al-Farekh, 29, was one of three Muslim students who abandoned their studies in Winnipeg in 2007 and were identified as wanted terror suspects in 2010. The Washington Post says al-Farekh was detained “several weeks ago” by Pakistani forces and transferred to U.S. custody “after his identity was confirmed.”

The two other University of Manitoba students who left the country with al-Farekh are still at large.