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Grief-Stricken Kid Gives the Best Reaction to the Kentucky Loss You Will See

There were many entertaining reactions to Kentucky’s surprise 71-64 loss to Wisconsin in the Final Four on Saturday (including at least one instantly infamous quote from a Kentucky player caught on a hot-mic).

Some of the responses to the sadness of Kentucky fans were cruel, particularly this video of a YouTube user laughing villainously at crying headband boy.

But the above clip stood out above the rest as the best response of the night. The video, titled “My lil bro reaction after the Kentucky loss,” features an apparently grief-stricken young boy lamenting what could have been had Kentucky been able to complete the first perfect season in men’s college basketball since 1976. The kid also has an interesting conspiracy theory involving ex-NBA commissioner David Stern and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers coming together in an effort to make his life miserable.

At least it wasn’t Duke, kid.