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John Boehner Uses Tragic Movie Starring Leonardo DiCaprio to Tout “Titanic” Reform

A scene from the movie Titanic.

Photo by MERIE WALLACE/AFP/Getty Images

House Speaker John Boehner is so excited about legislation regarding Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors that he has dubbed it “titanic entitlement reform” and is using Leonardo DiCaprio GIFs to help illustrate the news. On Friday, Boehner’s office published 10 Titanic GIFs to explain the $200 billion package that the Senate has to consider this month.

GIFs like this one, to illustrate how “Washington has a spending problem.”

“Something big happened recently.  You might even say it was something titanic,” Boehner’s office wrote. “Republicans and Democrats actually came together to pass meaningful entitlement reform without raising taxes.”

The last time that happened, the document explains, was 1997. And what else happened in 1997? Moviegoers all over the world cried with the tragic story of Jack and Rose. This is not the first time Boehner has used GIFs to explain policy. As Business Insider noted, his office used Taylor Swift images in January to argue against President Obama’s college savings plan.

The full listicle is available here.

Don’t tell them how it ends.