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Waiting for Hillary: “Why Do We Do This?”

Covering Hillary, day one.

Josh Voorhees

MONTICELLO, Iowa—Scores of reporters had been camped out front of a community college here for hours Tuesday by the time Hillary Clinton’s mini-motorcade arrived for her first scheduled event since officially kicking off her campaign this week. The van known as Scooby drove right past reporters and went around to a private entrance at back of the building. The reporters followed in hot pursuit. (Your humble—if arguably lazy—correspondent opted for a brisk jog.)

After Clinton made it inside—apparently without any reporter catching so much of a glimpse of her—the press corps resumed their posts outside. “We are horrible,” one television producer said after checking out a version of the above clip on an iPhone. “Why do we do this?”

Scooby at rest.

Josh Voorhees