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Hillary Wants You to Swipe Right on Her Campaign for President

It’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma, and it’s about to be slapped on a million bumpers.

The release of Hillary Clinton’s launch video late Sunday afternoon not only ruined boozy brunches and wholesome family outings for countless political journalists—it nearly overshadowed the real Clinton news of the day: our first glimpse of the official logo that will define her 2016 campaign. The logo, pictured above, got a mixed response on Twitter.

Hillary’s use of both red and blue might be intended to convey bipartisan inclusiveness, but that is only a guess. We are still left with many questions.

Why the arrow? Is it a plea to forward her fundraising emails? Is it a signal that Hillary will abandon the party’s left flank? Is it a naked appeal to jaded, Tinder-addicted youth?

It quickly became obvious that Team Clinton did not foresee the foreign policy implications.

Some hinted that the boxy, bicolored “H” might be the result of misappropriation.

The logo is certainly trying to tell us something, but we aren’t sure what. Perhaps some derivative folk art will help us get our head around it.

Twitter, of course, could have done better if she’d only asked.

Whether it was produced by an executive committee or an intern with a black belt in MS Paint, this logo is bound to be a part of the cultural discourse for months to come.

It’s already inspiring well-reasoned political dialogue, which we hope signals that we are embarking on a presidential campaign of policy-driven debate that will move us forward as a nation.

Tear down your outdated calendars, everyone. 2016 starts now!