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Smiling European Protester Is Very Happy to Be Throwing Confetti on Central Bank President

Mario Draghi and friend at Wednesday’s Frankfurt press conference.

Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

The European Central Bank is a controversial institution, currently reviled in several countries because of the “austerity” budget-cutting demands it’s made of governments it helped bail out during the post-2008 financial crisis. While the ECB has recently taken more stimulus-oriented positions, countries like Greece are still struggling with the terms of the earlier bailouts, and anyhow the point here is that a protester threw confetti on ECB President Mario Draghi at a Frankfurt press conference Wednesday and looked very excited to be doing so.

Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty


Here’s a short video:

The woman is reportedly a 21-year-old German activist from a feminist group, which (sort of) explains the “dick-tatorship” spelling on her shirt.