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Germanwings Flight Data Recorder Recovered; Co-Pilot Apparently Researched Cockpit Security

French personnel preparing to travel to the crash site.

Pascal Guyot/AFP/Getty

Two big developments in the Germanwings Flight 9525 story:

After the crash, responding personnel were quickly able to find the downed plane’s cockpit voice recorder and, reportedly, the outside casing of the flight data recorder. But the actual contents of the flight data recorder had not yet been located.


The report on Lubitz’s Internet searches comes from the German end of the investigation. From the AP:

Duesseldorf prosecutors said Thursday investigators found a tablet computer at Andreas Lubitz’s apartment. They said they were able to reconstruct searches from March 16 to March 23. … Prosecutors’ spokesman Ralf Herrenbrueck said in a statement that search terms included medical treatment and suicide methods. On at least one day, the co-pilot looked at search terms involving cockpit doors and their security methods.

The device’s browser memory, Herrenbrueck said, had not been erased.

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