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Politician Caught Googling “Historical Figure” After Being Asked to Name Admired Historical Figure

Could you name the man pictured above without the aid of modern technology?


The Washington City Paper has a long history of reporting wryly on the circus of D.C. local politics, and an anecdote in a new piece about D.C. Council candidate Brandon Todd is a particularly strong example of such writing. The paper’s Will Sommer, attending a debate between Todd and other candidates, noticed his subject using what might be termed a prohibited study aid:

During the debate, [I] saw something that Todd’s campaign refuses to discuss: After one of the moderators asked the candidates which historical figure their leadership styles most resembled, Todd quietly started Googling “historical figure” on his phone.


When Todd’s turn at the mic came, he opted for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Not a bad choice, but also one of the first Google results for “historical figure.”



Screen shot/Google

Todd, a protégé of city Mayor Muriel Bowser, is expected to win his race easily.

Elsewhere in the D.C. political sphere, the Washington Post reports, a former councilman (and former clerk to Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren) is helping promote a successful all-nude male strippers’ night at a local club.