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Tim Tebow, World’s Most Divisive Football Player, May Return to NFL

Tim Tebow at the 2014 Country Music Awards, where he would present the “Song of the Year” prize to Kacey Musgraves.

Eric Henderson/Reuters

Tebow!!! ESPN reports that Tim Tebow, the evangelical Christian quarterback who’s bad at throwing, good at running, and very good at being the subject of debates about the nature of sports and life—and who hasn’t played an NFL regular-season game since 2012—has worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles in what is likely an audition for a chance to attempt to make next year’s team during training camp.*

Since failing to make the New England Patriots’ final roster in 2013, Tebow has worked as a college football analyst for ESPN and been the subject of a strange and beautiful work of science fiction. Reports that he also roams the railways and back roads of the South and Midwest disguised as a wizened hermit, watching children and teenage boys play football from afar, carrying the Great Orb of Sportsmanship under a tattered cloak and praying under clear Texan skies for God to save America’s game, are unconfirmed.

Update, 4:30 p.m.: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Eagles are “not planning to sign [Tebow] at this time.” Classic Tebow!

*Correction, March 16, 2015: This post originally misstated that Tebow had not played in a regular-season NFL game since 2015. That wouldn’t be particularly noteworthy, since 2015 is the present. Tebow hasn’t played an NFL game since 2012.