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Ebola Nurse Sues Texas Hospital Where She Contracted Virus Treating a Patient

Dallas nurse Nina Pham hugs Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

The nurse at the Dallas hospital who was the first to contract Ebola in the United States filed suit on Monday against the hospital. Nina Pham was one of two nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital infected with the Ebola virus after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, who arrived in the United States from Liberia and later began showing symptoms. Duncan later died of the disease; Pham was transferred to the National Institutes of Health, where she was successfully treated.

“Ms. Pham’s suit, filed in State District Court in Dallas, accuses the hospital’s parent company, Texas Health Resources, of negligence, fraud and invasion of privacy,” the New York Times reports. “Not only did the hospital expose her to a deadly disease, she contends, it also made false statements about her condition and released video of her without her permission.”

“Nina Pham bravely served Texas Health Dallas during a most difficult time,” Texas Health Resources spokesperson Wendell Watson said of the suit. “We continue to support and wish the best for her, and we remain optimistic that constructive dialogue can resolve this matter.”