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Ex-NFL Player Who Sexually Assaulted or Raped Nine Women Will Reportedly Serve Only 10 Years in Prison

Sharper with attorney Leonard Levine.

Nick Ut/Pool/Reuters

Former star NFL safety Darren Sharper has pleaded (or plans to plead) guilty or no contest to rape and sexual assualt charges involving nine women in four states. But thanks to his plea agreements and parole laws, it appears that he will end up serving only 10 years in prison for all those crimes. Sharper’s plea agreements reportedly call for 20-year sentences in both Louisiana and California; multiple outlets, though, report that his agreements with prosecutors specify that all his sentences will run concurrently and only call for him to serve only nine years before being paroled. (He’s already been in custody for a year.)

“If he ends up only serving nine years, it’s an absolute shame,” former Sharper teammate Scott Fujita told TMZ. (Fujita has taken progressive stances in the past on women’s issues.)