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King Brody’s Bar Mitzvah Invite Is the Friday Video the Internet Needs

Citizens of the Internet, has it been a long week? Has that fresh foot of snow outside sapped your will to go on? You are in luck, because a young man named Brody Criz is approaching theological adulthood and he is here to send you into the weekend riding a tsunami of life-affirming enthusiasm with this video inviting his friends (read: not you) to his bar mitzvah.

Business Insider has christened Brody  “the most confident kid in the world,” and we defy you to disprove it by getting a 13-year-old boy you know to put on this kind of performance. That wig! That pug! True showmanship. And to those scandalized by King Brody’s pixelated immodesty during his Blurred Lines sendup, that’s known as commitment to the bit. All the comedic masters have it.

Brody left it all on the field with this video. We just hope he uses his newfound fame for good, and that half the world does not try to crash his bar mitzvah.