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The Agony, the Ecstasy, and the Screaming: Fans React to the End of the Super Bowl on Video

The aftermath.

Screen shot/YouTube

Via SBNation, a supercut of fan reactions to the insanity-pants Super Bowl finish put together by an industrious YouTube user named Max Funke:

Poor silent Seahawks guy.

FWIW, the greatest-ever reaction-video sports moment remains Landon Donovan’s “OH, IT’S INCREDIBLE” game-winning goal against Algeria in the 2010 World Cup. What puts it over the top is that Clint Dempsey’s shot was stopped dramatically just moments before Donovan scored, so all the videos have a fluctuating “Go, go, go, go, GO GO NOOOO noooAHAHHHAGOALGOALGOALLLLKLJHUIHNKDSKJKJDSKSJDI!!!!!!!!” polarity that captures the entirety of sports fandom in about 10 seconds.