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Kidnapped-at-Birth South African Reunited With Family After Randomly Meeting Biological Sister

Cape Town.


Wild story out of South Africa: A 17-year-old named Zephany who was kidnapped from a hospital at birth has been reunited with her biological family after reportedly befriending her own sister at school by accident. From the AP, which cites the Cape Argus newspaper:

In her final year of high school, friends told her about a new student who had an uncanny resemblance to her, her biological aunt said. The two girls met and bonded instantly, despite the four-year age difference.

The younger daughter told her parents about her new friend who looked just like her. Still hopeful, the family invited the girl to their home for coffee, the Cape Argus reported. After seeing her, the father immediately contacted the police who revived their investigation into the kidnapping, the newspaper reported.

Zephany’s identity was confirmed by DNA testing, and the 50-year-woman who was posing as her mother has been charged with her kidnapping.

Her biological parents, Celeste and Morné Nurse, say they held a party in absentia for Zepahny every year on her birthday. Zephany has three siblings.