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NBC Will Investigate Brian Williams

NBC investigative reporter Richard Esposito is conducting an internal review of Brian Williams’ statements about his March 2003 experience in Iraq, the New York Daily News reports. Esposito has also worked for ABC and the Daily News.

While Williams has apologized for claiming in recent years that he was aboard a helicopter that was hit by an RPG, a number of military sources have said that even his initial reports on the incident—in which he said he was in a helicopter close to the one that was hit—are inaccurate and that Williams was actually nowhere near the craft that was attacked. 


Williams’ predecessor as NBC news anchor, Tom Brokaw, has denied reports in the New York Post that he wanted Williams disciplined over the scandal:

“I have neither demanded nor suggested Brian be fired,” Brokaw said in an email to The Huffington Post. “His future is up to Brian and NBC News executives.”

Williams is also now suspected of fabricating details about his time in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, though it was reported today that the area around the hotel he was staying in did in fact flood, lending some plausibility to his claim to have seen a dead body floating by from his window.