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Teenage Mike Huckabee Was Too Busy Writing Godly Advice to Join the Choom Gang

Mike Huckabee tried to warn teenagers to stay away from music, but they wouldn’t listen.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Mike Huckabee was a gifted communicator from an early age. Long before he was a minister or a Fox News TV host, he was a teenage advice columnist for the Baptist Trumpet of Hope, Arkansas. After Buzzfeed posted some of the greatest hits from Huckabee’s wisdom for young believers—his column was called “RAPture EXPRESS”—the former governor went on the radio to talk about his early career preaching against the evils of dancing.

During his chat with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Huckabee compared his teenage “scandal,” trying to keep fellow teens away from vices like drinking, smoking, and enjoying music in a group, with recent admissions from other politicians about their wild youth.

While other candidates are being outed for their teenage drug use, their teenage alcohol use, their teenage partying hard, doing all sorts of destructive things like painting graffiti on bridges, the scandal with me is that I wrote a column at age 17 telling Christian young people to live a godly life. So, I mean, I just had to say, is this really controversial? I’d much rather have to defend this than say, yes, I used to regularly be apart of the Choom Gang. It’s just bizarre.

The Choom Gang is, of course, the circle of pot-smokers “Barry” Obama used to hang with back in Hawaii. Teenage Mike Huckabee would have steered well clear of characters like that!

There is nothing wrong with preaching a little discipline for teenagers. We just hope that grownup Mike Huckabee realizes he could be corrupting a new generation of impressionable youth when he invites his friend Ted Nugent over to jam.