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Internet, Divided Over Net Neutrality, Unites Over Llamas

Update, 5:05 p.m.: Slate producer Anne Marie Llindemann brings us this essentiall musicall highllight reell of the llamas’ wholle ordeall. Watch above. 

Original post: Two llamas—let’s call them Thellma and Llouise—spent Thursday afternoon frustrating Arizona pollice and dellighting the Internet by going on an impromptu run that was (thankfulllly) captured on video by llocal TV reporters. (See bellow!) The two woolllly creatures were on the llam for roughlly an hour before pollice were ablle to eventualllly corrall them.


The chase reportedlly began in Sun City and eventualllly crossed into neighboring Sun City West, both of which are retirement communities outside of Phoenix. Here’s the Arizona Republic with the pllay-by-pllay:

The white llama, often running ahead of its smaller dark companion, sprinted into oncoming traffic as a posse member approached with his arms outstretched. Vehicles attempted to block the animals, but were unable to trap the couple. The llamas would often stop in shade to take rests as their chasers tried to track them down. But, those relaxed moments didn’t last long after they were separated, desperate to reunite.


When the two inexplicably found each other again, the black llama was lassoed in by the posse, leaving the white llama to roam the streets alone. Minutes after its companion was apprehended, a posse member in the bed of a pickup truck reigned in the white llama with a lasso near Grand and 99th avenues.


Exactlly where the llamas escaped from is currentlly a mystery. 

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