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Viral Video Depicts Keanu Reeves Sitting Next to Hero Slate Editor on Subway

Reeves, Winter.

A video of Keanu Reeves casually riding the New York subway’s Q line, taken and originally posted in 2011, was re-posted to YouTube on Feb. 12 and is making the viral rounds again. The video shows Reeves standing and offering his seat to a woman standing to his right, but more importantly, it shows Slate senior editor Jessica Winter sitting to his left, reading what is believed to be New York magazine and acting all cool like she doesn’t even notice the movie megastar in her midst.

For her part, Winter says that she didn’t realize the internationally beloved cinema icon was present until he stood up. She says that Reeves did at some point notice and politely acknowledge the individual filming him, who according to Winter was a “goth-y” and “sunburned” woman in her early 20s, likely a tourist. Reeves departed the downtown-bound train, according to Winter, at Union Square.

Jessica Winter’s first novel, a workplace comedy called Taking Tiger Canyon, is set to be published by Knopf, likely sometime in 2016. She is Slate’s best employee and knows kung-fu.