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At Least 20 Reported Killed in Power-Line Disaster at Haiti Carnival Celebration

Emergency workers in Port-au-Prince.

Reuters TV

A number of Carnival celebrants were killed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after several individuals on a float were electrocuted by a power line, triggering a panic in which others were trampled. The Associated Press says at least 20 have died; Reuters says it’s at least 18, and CNN says at least 12. From the AP:

Video from the scene shows sparks coursing from the wire after a singer from the Haitian hip-hop group Barikad Crew was touched by an overhead power line as the float passed beneath it. The wire appeared to have electrocuted several others as well.

Three were killed Tuesday in a similar incident in Brazil, where at least 16 people were also fatally electrocuted during Carnival in 2011.