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Bruce Jenner Involved In Fatal Three-Vehicle Crash, Walks Away Unhurt

Bruce Jenner.

Photo by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Bruce Jenner was involved in a three-vehicle crash on Saturday that killed one and injured as many as seven, the AP reports. Jenner himself appears to have walked away from the accident unhurt. Early reports suggest Jenner was being chased by paparazzi when the crash occurred, and that Jenner offered to take a field sobriety test, which he passed. A witness to the accident has also speculated that paparazzi were at least partly to blame for the collision. After the crash, paparazzi stood on the highway taking pictures of the grisly scene.

Jenner’s life has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks as rumors swirled that the former Olympian is planning to come out as transgender. However, Jenner has yet to confirm his intent to transition, and, as Outward’s Parker Marie Molloy recently wrote, “there is only one person who can confirm such a thing, and that’s Bruce Jenner.”