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Bill Maher Congratulates Conservative Pundits for Throwing Sarah Palin Under the Bus

Bill Maher had something nice to say about conservative pundits for once, congratulating them for openly questioning former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin after her now-infamous speech in Iowa. “The pundits who always defended her have officially had enough,” Maher said. “It’s as if the scales fell from their eyes and they were finally able to admit the emperor has no clues.”

Maher insisted he didn’t say these things because he wanted to gloat. “Didn’t that feel good to finally purge yourself of something that wasn’t sitting well in your gut?” Maher asked. “It’s like when you’re sick and you make yourself throw up, you feel better afterwards. I only have one question for Republicans: What took you so long? The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years.”

Maher says maybe now Republicans can learn from this acknowledgment and finally admit they were also wrong about other things, including climate change.