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Watch Sky News Cut Off a Charlie Hebdo Writer for Trying to Show Banned Cover

Sky News is among the news organizations that is refusing to publish controversial cartoons published by satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and they are really determined to avoid breaking that policy. In the wake of the horrific attacks on the magazine’s offices and elsewhere in France last week, Sky brought on Charlie Hebdo writer Caroline Fourest to discuss the newest edition. Fourest, apparently reaching the limits of her patience with the network’s refusal to show the magazine’s artwork, picked up a copy of the new issue, which has already sold millions of copies and set a French publishing record, and held it up to the camera.

Sky’s shot suddenly panned upward in an attempt to avoid showing the cartoon on the magazine’s cover, leaving Fourest dwarfed in the corner of the shot. Sky then cut back to the anchor on the studio, who hastily apologized in case any viewers were offended by the image. No word on Fourest’s level of offense.