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Child Executes Two Men With Headshots in New, Possibly Staged ISIS Video

From the video.

Screen shot via Foreign Policy  

An ISIS video released Tuesday shows a young boy shooting two men in the head, though the scene may have been staged. Foreign Policy describes the video:

[T]wo men described as Russian agents testify that they had attempted to spy on the militants, infiltrate their computer networks, and assassinate the group’s leaders. Then a long-haired young boy calmly shoots the men in the back of the head with a handgun.

Based on information from the boy’s appearance in a past ISIS propaganda video, he appears to be a native of Kazakhstan, FP says.

BuzzFeed correspondent Max Seddon writes that the video could be staged, noting that “no blood or entry wounds appear when the boy seemingly fires the gun.” Will Geddes, a security company executive who’s been interviewed in the past by Bloomberg and the BBC, made similar points to the U.K. Mirror tabloid. “You see a shell casing ejected from the Glock and you see the impact on the guys [sic] shoulder, but you would get that from a blank,” Geddes says. “There is no blood and at that close range there would be an exit wound.”

ISIS has made indoctrination and training of children a key element of its strategy, both through recruiting and in captured territory.

From a Vice report shot inside the Islamic State.

Screen shot/Vice