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Paris Mayor Claims City Will Sue Fox News After Sharia “No-Go Zones” Claim

In the wake of the French jihadist terror attacks, Fox News broadcast (and later apologized for) a specious claim that Muslim radicals have turned a number of neighborhoods in France and other parts of Europe into “no-go zones” into which outsiders dare not travel and sinister Sharia is enforced. (Slate’s Laura Anderson, a known non-Muslim, lived in one of the alleged Sharia zones and writes that it “remains one of [her] favorite parts of Paris.”) Today, CNN’s Christine Amanpour reports that Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has vowed to sue Fox News over the claim:

In some ways, this potential lawsuit seems like a complete absurdity invented in a work of satirical fiction. But at the same time, given the conservative network’s long-held antipathy for the French, it also seems like a historical inevitability that was fated in the stars for centuries. DEVELOPING.