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Conservative PAC Says Endorsees May Be Reneging on Anti-Boehner Campaign Promise


Win McNamee/Getty

The conservative Madison Project says three of its endorsees could break a major campaign promise on their first day in office.

According to documentation that Madison Project provided to Slate, the newly elected Republican congressmen in question—Reps. Alex Mooney of West Virginia, Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, and John Ratcliffe of Texas—all signed the group’s pledge promising “to vote against the current leadership when the first reasonable opportunity presents itself.”

Per the Washington Post’s whip count, Mooney, Loudermilk, and Ratcliffe are all noncommittal on the vote to give John Boehner another term as speaker of the House. If they vote for Boehner today, they can expect biting criticism from one of their early supporters.

“This is the first reasonable opportunity and John Boehner is part of the current leadership and our goal is to make sure candidates fulfill their campaign promises,” said Drew Ryun, the group’s political director.

Ryun added that the group paid for radio ads and robocalls boosting Mooney and Ratcliffe’s campaigns.

Mooney, Ratcliffe, and Loudermilk did not immediately respond to a request for comment.