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Lawyer Defending Congressman’s Wife in Bigamy Case Accuses Client of Having a Second Lawyer

Alan Grayson.

Mark Wilson/Getty

Congressman Alan Grayson, a central Florida Democrat, is involved in a legal dispute with his wife Lolita in which he contends their 1990 marriage was invalid because she was married to another man at the time. On Wednesday a legal proceding in the case was delayed because, Lolita Grayson’s lawyer says, Lolita Grayson has just gone undergone emergency surgery to repair her breast implants. Also: That attorney, Mercedes Wechsler, wants to quit the case because Lolita Grayson—who, as I just mentioned, is accused of having too many husbands—has too many lawyers.  

In a related matter, Wechsler asked the judge this week if she could withdraw from the case as Lolita Grayson’s attorney. Lolita Grayson brought along another attorney last weekend to a mediation session with her husband, and “it’s clear the wife has retained and/or paid other counsel to represent her in this case,” Wechsler said in a court filing.

Lawyer bigamy is the most insidious type of bigamy!