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House Passes Probably-Just-Symbolic Attack on Obama Immigration Policy

Alex Wong/Getty

House Republicans, with some defections, passed a bill today that would reverse many of the protections from deportation that President Obama has granted, via executive action, to undocumented immigrants. But since Republicans don’t have a filibuster-proof 60-seat majority in the Senate (there are 54 Senate Republicans), the bill likely won’t reach Obama, who would of course veto it. From Politico:

The GOP-led chamber voted 236-191 to pass legislation funding the Department of Homeland Security through the end of September, with measures attached that would effectively kill the administration’s efforts to unilaterally shield millions of undocumented immigrations from deportations. It would also thwart Obama administration enforcement policies that limited deportations of people who weren’t criminals or serial immigration violators.

But given the qualms of moderates in the Senate and a presidential veto threat, the all-out rollback doesn’t stand a chance of becoming law.

Notably, 26 Republicans voted against an amendment to the bill at hand that would specifically eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which halts deportations of “DREAMers” who arrived in the United States as children. (The amendment still passed.)

Here are the Republicans who voted against that amendment.

Mark Amodei (NV)

Mike Coffman (CO)

Ryan Costello (PA)

Carlos Curbelo (FL)

Jeff Denham (CA)

Charlie Dent (PA)

Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)

Bob Dold (IL)

Renee Ellmers (NC)

Chris Gibson (NY)

Richard Hanna (NY)

Cresent Hardy (NV)

Joe Heck (NV)

Katko (NY)

Peter King (NY)

Adam Kinzinger (IL)

Frank LoBiondo (NJ)

Tom MacArthur (NJ)

Martha McSally (AZ)

Patrick Meehan (PA)

Devin Nunes (CA)

Dave Reichert (WA)

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL)

Chris Smith (NJ)

Fred Upton (MI)

David Valadao (CA)

Coffman, Curbelo, Denham, Diaz-Balart, Dold, Ellmers, Ros-Lehtinen, and Valadao also voted against the Homeland Security bill as a whole.