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Belgian Authorities Detain 13 Suspects Said to Be Planning “Large-Scale” Terror Attack

Police in Verviers in a photo taken today.

Yves Herman/Reuters

On Thursday, two suspects were killed in a shootout with Belgian police during a raid in the city of Verviers. Authorities in that country now say that 13 other individuals suspected of planning terror attacks are in custody. The Guardian says “at least a dozen” other raids have been carried out by Belgian authorities who “concluded that a large-scale attack was imminent.” From Reuters:

As well as guns, including four AK-47 assault rifles, and explosives, police uniforms were found in the apartment at Verviers, spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt said, adding: “This group was on the point of carrying out terrorist attacks aiming to kill police officers in the streets and in police stations.” … He said there had been plans for attacks across Belgium.

An additional two suspects in the investigation are being held in France. Contrary to a report Thursday, authorities say they are not aware of any link between the plans being investigated in Belgium and last week’s attacks in and around Paris.

A half-million Muslims live in Belgium. Its air force has taken part in the U.S.-led bombing campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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