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France to File “Preliminary Charges” Against Four Men for Aiding Amedy Coulibaly

The kosher grocery where Coulibaly killed four hostages.

Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty

Four men in France will face “preliminary charges” of providing assistance to Amedy Coulibaly, who killed a police officer before killing four hostages at a kosher grocery store. From the Telegraph:

The Paris prosecutor’s office on Tuesday said the four, who would be the first to face charges in the case, are suspected of providing logistical support to Coulibaly, though the nature of this support was not specified…The four men, all in their 20s, will appear before an investigating judge later on Tuesday. No other details were immediately available.

(In France’s “inquisitorial” justice system, criminal investigations are conducted by judges.)  

Eight other individuals who were detained over possible connections to the Paris terror attacks have been released without being charged.

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