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Virginia High School Student Was Arrested for Bringing This Arsenal to School

A Virginia high school student brought these to school.

Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

A high school student in Virginia was arrested on Friday for bringing a full arsenal of weapons to school. Local police were able to intercept 18-year-old Austin Martin after “the K9 Unit alerted on the student’s vehicle which resulted in Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Detectives recovering four loaded firearms two of which were handguns, several knives and over 600 rounds of ammunition,” the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office said in a release. Some of the ammunition didn’t fit any of the weapons in Martin’s vehicle, meaning he presumably has more guns somewhere.

It’s a pretty terrifying haul for a kid to bring to school no matter how they were intended to be used, and police are still investigating the incident. Martin has already been charged with a felony count of bringing firearms on school property and was released on $1,500 bond.