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Rand Paul Goes after Marco Rubio’s Cuba Comments on Twitter

Rand Paul likes his Twitter devices.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Today in news from the world’s greatest deliberative body, Sen. Rand Paul tried to pick a Twitter fight with Sen. Marco Rubio. The two Republican senators and likely presidential candidates have opposite stances on the president’s move to normalize U.S. relations with Cuba; Paul said the change is “probably a good idea” and that the embargo hasn’t worked. Rubio, meanwhile, has probably been the single most vocal opponent of the decision.

Friday afternoon, Paul took to social media to needle the Floridian.

Dubbing Rubio an isolationist is particularly trollish. The former ophthalmologist has long struggled to dodge charges that he favors isolationism, even writing a Time op-ed with a headline to that specific effect.

Unfortunately for fans of Twitter fights, Rubio didn’t initially respond to Paul, and his press shop didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

This isn’t the first time Paul has engaged his Senate colleagues on Twitter. Last Dec. 23—I don’t need to tell you that’s Festivus—the senator aired grievances in a lengthy series of tweets with New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker.

The two senators proceeded to discuss the War on Drugs, and later worked together on sentencing reform legislation.