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Oil Is Super Cheap, and We Should All Buy One Another Barrels of Oil for Christmas

There’s a lot of oil in this picture (I think)—and it could be yours!

Tom Mihalek/Reuters

Oil prices continued to fall today, with two different measures of the commodity’s price hitting five-year lows. Oil can currently be had for $64.10 a barrel in some circumstances.

A barrel of oil is 42 gallons.

Who do you know that could use 42 gallons of freshly drilled oil? Everyone! Oil is important for producing energy, which powers cars and flat-screen televisions through a scientific process known as “pushing the button on the remote control or turning the key in the ignition.”


And what season is it? Christmas season! The season for giving things to people. Do you see where I’m going with this? Oil is this year’s hottest and most affordable Christmas gift. (Oil of course makes a thematically appropriate Hanukkah gift as well.)

Here’s the best part:

Morgan Stanley in a note dated Dec. 5 cut its forecast for average Brent crude price in 2015, seeing the price falling to as low $43 a barrel during the second quarter of next year.

When it comes time next year to give your mother her traditional 42 gallons of Mother’s Day oil, oil will be even cheaper!

Oil for everyone!