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Navy Unveils Laser Weapons System That Makes War Look Awfully Similar to a Video Game

The U.S. Navy unveiled its new laser technology on Wednesday. What exactly does that mean? It means the USS Ponce, the ship on which the technology has been tested, “is capable of disabling incoming planes or speedboats that could pose a threat to a ship by firing an invisible ray that can target engine systems with incredible precision,” Pentagon officials told ABC News. The Laser Weapons System (LaWS) has been undergoing tests in the Persian Gulf since earlier this year and is considered fully operational, according to Navy officials.

The Pentagon released the video of the LaWS on Wednesday. “The laser looks like a telescope and is paired with a long-range optical system that allows for precise targeting at a distance,” ABC News reports. “The laser is controlled by a sailor who sits in front of monitors and uses a controller similar to those found on an XBox or PlayStation gaming systems.”

Update, Nov. 28, 2016: This video has been removed pending the resolution of a licensing claim.