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Camille Cosby Compares Accusations Against Husband to Rolling Stone Gang Rape Story

Camille and Bill Cosby in 2007.

Michael Buckner/Getty

CBS Evening News has published a statement from Camille Cosby about the myriad sexual assault allegations against her husband:

A number of details in Rolling Stone’s story about the gang rape of a University of Virginia student have been found to be untrue, and at this point, it appears that the alleged victim at the center of the story may have fabricated the incident.

For what it’s worth, though, Rolling Stone’s fundamental error was its choice not to contact or even identify the men said to have raped Jackie; Cosby has had opportunity to respond to allegations but has not done so on the record, instead issuing statements through representatives that have referred to various accusers as unreliable and their accusations as false without discussing specific details. (It’s also a matter of public record that several of Cosby’s accusers at the very least knew him—in some cases, they performed with him.)