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UAE Releases Video of Suspect in American’s Murder Set to Batman Theme

From the video.

Screenshot via YouTube

On Wednesday, news broke that a 47-year-old American teacher named Ibolya Ryan had been stabbed to death in a public restroom in the United Arab Emirates. Authorities now say they’ve arrested a suspect in Ryan’s death—and have released an extremely strange video, set to what appears to be a version of the pounding theme music from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, of surveillance footage that shows the suspect, the aftermath of the crime, and the suspect’s arrest. (The suspect also allegedly attempted to plant a bomb near the home of another American resident, and footage related to that charge is included as well.) Here’s the video:

The identity of the suspect, a woman, has not been revealed. Authorities said she was motivated to kill Americans because of “nationality alone” and did not have personal grudges against the victims.